Throwback is a video and performance installation in response to the recent proliferation of queer art that has suffused the city of Toronto in 2012. Redefining memories of migration and queer desire, Throwback is an exercise in the creation of an archive of queer immigration and imagination. Featuring the bodies of Bamboat and Ali El-Darsa - both queer, both migrants to Canada - this piece explores the disjuncture between mainstream accounts of queer belonging and the mundane experiences of queers who circulate at the margins of those dominant queer narratives.
Enacting a repetitive and tedious performance of queer histories in Canada in juxtaposition to everyday acts of diasporic queer subjectivity, Bamboat & El-Darsa implicate themselves in the retelling of queer history. As they produce new material for the archive, they disrupt the temporality of history and memory by combining archival materials and pre-recorded content with live performance.


Ali El-Darsa


The Feminist Art Gallery (FAG)

Photos by Michele Pearson Clarke.